Gardening Tips

Lettuce Bolting

Lettuce—a cool season crop—naturally bolts in warm weather. When temperatures rise much above 70°F/21°C, lettuce—an annual—will send up stalks, flower, and set seed, nature’s way of ensuring a next generation. This process […]

Leaf Mold for the Garden

Leaf mold is shredded flakes of partially decomposed leaves and tree litter. It is brownish black and on its way to becoming humus, one of the building blocks of great soil. Leaf […]

Adjusting Soil pH

The results of a soil pH test will indicate how acid or alkaline your soil is. Organic soil amendments are the best way to adjust soil pH. Adjusting soil pH is not […]

Understanding Soil pH

Soil pH is the measure of the relative amount of soil acidity or alkalinity. A soil’s acidity or alkalinity can influence the availability of elements or mineral nutrients in the soil that […]

How to Test Your Soil

A soil test will tell you if the soil in your garden is rich or poor. Plants depend upon soil nutrients and moisture for growth. If the soil in your garden lacks […]