Pumpkin Seed Starting Tips

Pumpkins are a tender, warm-weather crop. Pumpkins are a type of winter squash—grown through the summer for harvest in the fall. Pumpkins, like other winter squashes, must fully mature on the vine. […]

Watermelon Seed Starting Tips

Watermelons are a tender, warm-weather crop. Sow watermelon seed or set plants directly in garden in spring 2 weeks after all danger of frost has passed after the soil has warmed to […]

Strawberry Plant Starting Tips

Strawberry plants are perennials. A strawberry plant will bear fruit for 2 to 3 years. A single plant will send you several runners towards the end of each season; these runners easily […]

Artichoke Plant Starting Tips

Artichokes are perennial plants. Artichokes prefer cool, moist summers and mild winters. The perennial artichoke plant will not survive where the ground freezes. Artichokes can be grown from seed or root divisions; […]

Rhubarb Plant Starting Tips

Rhubarb is a perennial plant grown for its leaf stalks. Rhubarb grows best in regions where the ground freezes each winter. Winter chill results in rhubarb plants with thick stems and red […]

Tomato Flavor Explained

Tomato flavor is a balance of acid and sugar recognized by the tongue and the effect of volatile compounds within the fruit that cause aroma recognized by the nose. Simply put, the […]