Gardening Tips

Vegetable Watering Tips

Water is essential to the optimum growth of vegetables; the water content of most vegetables is nearly 90 percent. Providing the right amount of moisture to the vegetable garden is as important […]

Planning Succession Crops

Succession planting will allow you to plant several times throughout the growing season for a continuous supply of fresh vegetables. To plan succession crops you must know two things: • The number […]

Succession Planting

Succession planting means growing different crops in the same space one right after the other in the same season, or planting the same crop in different parts of the garden in succession […]

Tomato Seed Saving

Tomato seed from open pollinated varieties can be saved for planting next year. Open pollinated plants are allowed to pollinate each other in the open garden. Because tomatoes are self-pollinating plants (meaning […]

Plant Nutrients

Sixteen chemical elements are necessary for plant growth. Three are non-mineral elements that come from air and water; thirteen are mineral elements that come from the soil. All of these elements are […]