Seed Starting

Seed Shopping Tips

Starting plants from seed can be challenging and satisfying. You will save money—starting your own seed is much less expensive than buying transplants—and you can choose from a greater number of varieties […]

Late Summer Seed Sowing Tip

Seeds sown in warm soil and hot late summer weather can have a difficult time germinating. Moistening the seed bed and protecting seed from hot weather can ensure germination. Here are some […]

Seed Planting Times

Establishing a seed planting calendar is one of the oldest and wisest gardening maxims. The success of many vegetable and flower sowings is getting the seed started at the right time of […]

Vegetable Seed and Seedling Problems

Successful seed and seedlings growth depend on moisture, warmth, air, and light. Seeds and seedlings, as well, require optimal temperatures, even watering, open air circulation, and bright light to thrive. When vegetable […]

Pre-Sprouting Vegetable Seeds

Pre-sprouting vegetable seed will help you avoid over-sowing in the greenhouse or garden. Pre-sprouting also answers the question: Is this seed still viable? To pre-sprout seeds place the seeds on a damp […]

Tomato Seed Starting

The optimal seed starting temperature for tomatoes is between 70°F to 80°F Seed will germinate best where the bottom temperature is about 85°F. Tomato seeds can be started in pots, peat pellets, […]