Oxalis Organic Weed Control

Oxalis is a perennial plant.There are 900 species of oxalis–some with yellow flowers, other with purple, violet, or pink flowers. Some species are known as wood sorrels. Some are called false shamrocks. […]

Shepherd’s Purse Organic Weed Control

Shepherd’s Purse is a cool-weather annual that is commonly found in lawns, gardens, orchards, vineyards, and along roadsides. It is also called lady’s purse and pepper plant. Shepherd’s purse is a member […]

Black Nightshade Organic Weed Control

Black nightshade—also called deadly nightshade–is the most common of several nightshade weeds. The nightshades are close relatives of tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplants. The leaves and berries of nightshades contain toxic alkaloids that […]

Wild Garlic Organic Weed Control

Wild garlic is a perennial plant that grows from bulbils. There are several species of wild garlic. Wild garlic is sometimes cultivated as an ornamental but can be hard to control as […]

Poison Ivy Organic Weed Control

  Poison ivy grow as a deciduous shrub or vine. A resin that covers the leaves, stems, fruits, and roots is toxic and commonly causes severe, painful skin rashes. Description and Life […]