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    Hi Steve,
    Just found Harvest To Table and really Love it!
    I live in Mission Viejo, Ca. and read your info on growing Chayote Squash.
    Your info said to plant in organic matter…what is organic matter and where do I get it?
    What is aged compost, and where do I get it?


    Steve Albert

    You can find soil rich in organic matter and rich in aged compost at a nearby garden center or nursery. Ask for an “organic planting mix” if you are planting in the ground or a raised bed. Ask for an “organic potting mix” if you are planting in a container. Commercially bagged organic planting and potting mixes will be rich in aged compost (which simply means well decomposed organic materials such as leaves and other dead plant materials). The native soil in your garden is a mix of decomposed organic matter as well as sand and clay. Plants grow best in soil that is rich in decomposed organic materials because that soil is rich in most nutrients that plants love; as well, decomposed organic matter holds moisture for plant use better than clay or sand. The term “well aged compost” simply means plant material that is very decomposed–you can hold it in your hand and not be able to identify what plants are decomposed. New compost is not yet rotted enough–you would be able to identify the plants just starting to decompose.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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